Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March Meeting Minutes

Decorah Human Powered Trails
Monthly Meeting Minutes
March 8th, 2011

**** Iowa Simple Pleasures debut on IPTV will  be Thursday, March 17th at 7:30 p.m. in T-Bocks.  Come join in the fun of viewing the taping which was done last fall!!!!!  Live Skype with Deke during debut!******

**** DHPT Hats Pre-Order due April 1st  
Email Trevor (rocktr01@gmail.com) if you would like a hat!!

  • Hats have been quoted at around $12 a piece with the artwork being embroidered on.
  • DHPT will be selling the hat at $15 per hat
  • Hope is to have them here before the Time Trials
  • Need a minimum of 50 in order to place the order
  • Design: Headsweats Race Hat- Solid Dark Color with DHPT Logo on front and possible sponsors on sides, one size fits all
  • PRE-ORDERS are due by April 1st

Puglsey World Championships Recap
  • Racers-
  • Venue-  Venue worked out great.  Trail conditions were excellent, yet challenging with the new snow.  Oaks provided great place for post race party.
  • Prizes- Thanks to Jeff Friedolf for the $500 to the winner of the race (Trevor) and also Jesse for the awesome axes as prizes that went to the top three in the race and the PWC Champ (Jeff Friedolf).  King of the Hill went to Dave Lunz who took home a plunger!!
  • Markers-  Thanks to all the volunteers that helped to mark the trail- Captain, Deke, Jesse, anyone else may have missed.

GPS Work Session/Trail Mapping
  • Work session was moved to Tuesday, March 15th at 6:30 @ Deke’s Place above Oneota River Cycles

2011 Decorah Time Trials
  • Facebook Group was started to help get information out about the race
  • Deke is collecting swag for the race
  • Waterbottles have been ordered
  • Logo/Artwork for this years event was presented (Hour Glass figure)
  • TREES!!!!-  There is going to be lots of work before the race on May 1st to remove all of the trees that are down on the trails after the ice and heavy snow this winter.

Trail Sponsors
  • Deke proposed the use of a sponsorship board at the race for all of the sponsors to be put on.
  • Letter is going to be going out to help come up with sponsors for the 2011-2012 season
  • What size should the logos be on the kiosk????

Trail Maintenance Position
  • Jimmy Tripp has accepted the Trail Maintenance Position for 2011
  • Payment for the position will be April 1st- 1000, July 1st- 500, and Sept. 1st-500

Trail Running Race
  • There has been great interest in the community and abroad about hosting a trail running race
  • Type of race would be a Time Trial with 2-4 starting at once
  • Tentatively Scheduled: Friday Afternoon of Nordic Fest Weekend

DHPT Logo Change
  • Logo is still being worked on by Jesse

  • DHPT is now an official club member of IMBA
  • Currently discounts available for any tools that the group may need for maintaining and future building
  • McCloud Tools were discussed as possible purchase
  • Quotes on tool prices to be presented at April Meeting

  • A group of students at Luther College, spearheaded by Justin, have started a organization that is going to be working on Luther College rental bikes as well as working with the current trail system that is in place at Luther
  • DHPT is going to try and connect with group to help develop younger folks in development and maintenance of trails in Decorah

April 2011 Agenda
-       Decorah Time Trials 2011
-       Trail Sponsors
-       Trail Running Race
-       DHPT Hats
-       Trail Maps
-       Trail Conditions and Maintenance Work for 2011

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