Night Shift Night

2012 La Crosse had a great showing and 
nearly half the field hailed from Wisconsin.
Click HERE for full results.

Chewey salutes the brave few 
who shed their fear 
and dare to ride single track 
on top of bluffs in the darkness.

I thought trolls lived under bridges.  I saw an orange one.  
Oh well, great awards venue none the less. 

Some people believe fires exist to keep people warm.  
Some people believe that fires are made to be conquered. 

Some people are better at conquering than others.  
Maybe it was because he wasn't used to the bike since it wasn't his own. 

And this is what happens when you're not as fast as the fire.  Thanks Dave.

As always, great photography by Greg Smith of Schlick Cycles in Milwaukee.  
See more of his Handy Cam work here