Trail Issues

This Page is dedicated to Trail Maintenance issues.  If you see a Tree down on the trail, or any other issues please write in the comment section and Trail Master STEGO will take care of it, or email him direct at:

Please Include:

1) Trail Name and location

2) Maintenance problem 

3) Date and time


OGARA said...


1)IPTV-Very top part of IPTV, By the Van Peenen road
2)Log Jam- Some small sections of bottom of log Jam


1) Middle Palisades- near the bottom
2) Lee's loop- In palisades, near the start, on top
3)Dunnings- Top Where old Randy's and Upper Randy's Meet
4) Dunnings- Top, right where Upper Mothers Day meets Dunnings

Brian Fuhrmann said...

Fuhrmann & Shockey cut out trees 1 thru 4.

Josie Smith said...

Lee's Loop in Pali has a tree down at the start (again?) and also a tree down towards the end (before the last hairpin)

Josie Smith said...

Per Curtis:
On Dust Bowl there is a tree down as the trail heads downhill towards IPTV.

Josie Smith said...

Photos on Decorah MTB Facebook page.

Tree down as Lower Randy merges into Backside.
Tree down on Upper Pali. Middleish- closer to start than end (end being across from Lee's)
Tree down on Lower Pali, closer to entrance across from Dead Pet

GT said...

Tree across river trail has been removed